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Get ready to experience amazing workouts with a personal trainer via live, two-way video streaming. Innovative, affordable and flexible-gymGO's online platform lets trainers and clients connect and work out together at locations and times that are most convenient. It's personal training on your terms.

How It Works

Step 1

Build your

Create a more personal experience by including information about yourself-it helps your trainer tailor your workouts for the best results.

Step 2

Search for trainers
& sessions

Choose from dozens of trainers and personal training sessions-search on your own, or let us recommend a trainer for you.

Step 3

Join your

Log in before your session to talk with your trainer, gather the necessary equipment and get a preview of some of the exercises-or you can jump in as the session starts.

Step 4

Start earning

Earn points that you can use toward free sessions for hitting milestones and referring friends who sign up-we're all about making your gymGO experience rewarding in every way.

Step 1

Submit an
& application

Apply online and provide verification of personal training certifications and insurance for approval-once approved, you can create your profile.

Step 2

Schedule your

Schedule 30-minute small-group and 1-on-1 personal training sessions, or 60-minute yoga and Pilates group classes, for your choice of days and times.

Step 3

Host your

Make sure your space is clean and tidy and that you have enough room to demonstrate the exercises-and be sure to give plenty of feedback and engage with each attendee.

Step 4

Start earning

Earn cash bonuses for hitting milestones and referring friends who sign up and purchase a package of points-we're all about making your gymGO experience rewarding in every way.

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Wearable Integration

Trainers monitor your health activity using our seamless integration with popular wearable devices.

Affordable Pricing

Earn up to 2x more revenue as a trainer. Clients pay up to 75% less than going to a gym.

Scheduling Convenience

Live, 2-way interactive, online personal training from the convenience of your home at times that work best for your schedule.

Gunnar Peterson


"It's results-based for the clients-and yet the trainers win, too. It helps address the needs of people who are trying to better themselves, yet struggle with schedules and costs. And it's connecting trainers to more people every day, helping to build a greater audience for their workouts and approaches like never before." - Gunnar Peterson, A-List Celebrity Trainer and gymGO Chief Training Officer

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