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gymGO is the ultimate live interactive streaming platform that allows you to train your clients live online no matter where they are. gymGO combines a world class virtual training platform with robust client management tools allowing you to easily manage your entire business in one simple to use platform.

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gymGO innovation: built BY and FOR fitness professionals to harness technology like never before and help trainers build, grow and amplify their business & brand.

“We are empowering the trainer to centrally manage their business, expand their reach and deliver an exceptional client experience. With gymGO II, trainers are able to manage and grow their business in less time and deliver a service at a lower cost to the client; all while enabling the trainer to significantly increase overall revenue. It’s a win-win for all.”

– Justin Fassio, Co-Founder of FitNimbus/Chief Product and Strategy Officer at gymGO

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Why gymGO?

All subscriptions include FREE virtual training sessions, Client Management & Billing, Scheduling & Location Setting and Multi-Modal. gymGO harnesses technology like never before so fitness professionals can reach more, train more and earn more.


Comprehensive platform for virtual training, billing, scheduling, and client management.


Client-driven business solution built by and for personal trainers.


Harnessing technology like never before to help you build, grow and amplify your business & brand.


Multi-tiered subscription model designed to meet you at your point of need, accelerate growth and support scale.


Accessible and flexible platform allowing you to manage and train anywhere and everywhere.

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What’s Included with gymGO?

All subscriptions include Virtual Training, Client Management & Billing, Scheduling & Location Setting and Multi-Modal.



Includes 5 free 30 minute virtual training sessions

Start Free TrialVirtual training with comprehensive business management tools to help you focus on building your business.

  • Private Virtual Training Only
  • Limited Business Analytics & Reporting
  • Customizable Web App



Includes 15 free 30 minute virtual training sessions

Start Free TrialVirtual training, client management & marketing automation tools to support business growth.

  • Private & Public Virtual Training with 2-Way Chat
  • Client Monitoring & Engagement
  • Limited Business Analytics & Reporting
  • Limited Marketing Automation & Communications
  • Customizable Web App



Includes 30 free 30 minute virtual training session

Start Free TrialSophisticated virtual training & analytics tools to take your business to the next level.

  • Public & Private Virtual Training
  • gymGO Live Broadcasts
  • Client Monitoring & Engagement
  • Full Business Analytics & Reporting
  • Full Marketing Automation & Communications
  • Customizable Web App