personal trainer billing software

Accept & Manage Payments From Your Training Clients

Reduce your administrative workload by allowing clients to purchase your services online through your branded app or web portal. Sell memberships, packages, or redeem daily deals all through a simple, client-facing online web platform.

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Sell Using Your
Own Brand

Make selling your services easier with your very own branded web portal or app. Instantly create new invoices, sell recurring packages, and monitor all of your billing in one, central, convenient location.

Integrate Existing Third-Party Payments

Already have a payment platform in place? Quickly integrate popular third-party payment applications like PayPal, Venmo, and others. Still taking cash? You can manage that easily on a per client basis here too.

personal trainer billing automation

Deliver Training Products Instantly

Connect your training packages or membership products to your billing platform so that when clients make purchases, they are provided instant access. It really is as easy as set it and forget it.

Segment Packages & Recurring Products

Whether you are selling a one-time product, a pre-built training package, or a recurring training program and need weekly or monthly autopays, this software has got you covered.

Create Discounts For Amazing Marketing

Create discount codes based on dollar amounts or percentages, for specific durations or time, by total amount of coupon redemptions, redemption dates, and more. Incentivize new clients and help maintain existing ones.

Integrate Billing & Documents

Need your clients to sign off on your contracts or important documents before sending them the bill? Upload all your necessary documents and make them part of the billing process to ensure everything is accounted for.

Pass On Fees To Your Customers

Instead of absorbing credit card processing fees you can pass these fees onto your customers. You can also collect other types of fees and taxes that you can customize to your liking.

Direct Deposit To Your Bank Account

After receiving payments from clients through your web app you will receive those direct deposits directly to your bank account.


Reach More, Earn More, & Train More

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Easy setup
  • Cancel anytime