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August 16, 2016

The Scoop on Souping: Better Than Juicing?

Step aside, juicing. There’s a new trend in town: Souping. Voted one of the top diet and nutrition trends in 2016, the New York Times call this trend the “New Juicing.” Juicing extracts the natural liquids, vitamins, and minerals from raw fruits and vegetables, stripping away any solid matter so you’re only left with liquid.[…]

August 13, 2016

Raising the Barre

For women, fitness trends have changed and shifted popularity over the years. But one thing remains: the coveted “dancer’s body.” Women have been striving for this long, lean body type for decades. Thin, fit, and strong, mixed with femininity and grace.  There are celebrities who take ballet classes to keep trim and fit (with the[…]

August 10, 2016

Building Your Brand: Finding Your Voice

Now that you know who you are talking to, you need to learn how to talk to them, and what you’re going to say. It’s important to know who you are as a brand. Determining your tone of voice will help consistently promote your brand with clarity. When it comes to promoting your brand, the[…]