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Manage Your Training Clients, Business & Fitness Community

Decrease your administrative workload with automated processes that track your client's memberships, attendance, packages and so much more.

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Client Management.
From Leads, to Scheduling,
to Payment.

Manage Your Entire
Business Online

Optimize your entire client management workflow in the cloud. Save time on bookings, billings, attendance, memberships, packages, and more, for a software unseen in the fitness business.

Fully Integrated Billing Platform

Sell all your services, packages, memberships and more online with a simple-to-use billing platform. Quickly integrate popular third-party payment applications like PayPal, Venmo, and others. Still taking cash? You can manage that easily on a per client basis here too.

View Attendance

View all of your clients’ attendance records in one central location. Edit and assign payments so you never miss any accounting hassle ever again.

Create Custom Packages & Recurring Products

Personal trainers need the ability to keep their training personal. gymGO allows you to build and send individual client programs, packages or memberships, or make them available to all your clients.


Create individual client profiles to keep track of lead status and client details. View all documentation sent to your clients and create new services instantly. Easily filter client list by name, packages purchased, memberships, account balance, and more.

Signup Clients Anytime, Anywhere

Today’s on-the-go trainer needs a software that moves at their pace. Add clients from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop anywhere you are, at anytime.

gymGO Works for All Types of
Online Trainers

Whether you are just getting started with online training, are blending online training to your onsite appointments, or are 100% online, we have solutions for you.

Every type of trainer can have success on the gymGO platform:

Hybrid Online and In-Person Personal Trainer

Because you still maintain on-site appointments along with the internet to deliver programs to your local clients, gymGO is the perfect platform to help you stay connected. With features such as client management, integrated document sending, billing, calendar management and more, you can blend your onsite and online business structures as much or as little as you want.

Private Personalized Online Training

You don’t see your clients in person, but you connect with them on a personal level through software, phone, email, and text. You can use the gymGO platform to manage all your clients on our platform, and help automate some of the back-and-forth you normally do manually while still helping your clients hit all their fitness goals.

Non-Personalized Video Fitness Programs

Our video on-demand (VOD) platform allows you to monetize your video fitness programs and create membership and subscription models all through one platform. Now you can store, share, and manage your videos all from one place, with video libraries that require zero client interaction (if you don’t want it).

Online Group
Personal Trainer

With the ability to record and deliver group fitness workouts to many people, or do live streaming video workouts with a group, gymGO is leading the way for trainers to drive revenue online. Create memberships around your online group fitness classes, or bill your clients like you would for on-site meetings from the comfort of your home.

Live Video Streaming
Workouts Online

With our industry-leading live-streaming virtual video technology, you can work with your clients from anywhere in the world and provide hands-on feedback on form, exercise demonstrations, and cueing.

Leverage the Industry’s Most Robust Management Calendar

Create new client meetings online or in-person with your own interactive online calendar. Filter meetings by date, service type, instructor, or service item to stay on top of your business.

  • All-In-One Calendar
View on-site and virtual classes, appointments, and events all in one calendar view.
  • Schedule View
Quick filter features to check individual trainer schedules. View by past and future availability to schedule future services and manage trainers more easily.
  • Touch Screen Scheduling
Select the time you want and quickly schedule your service and add your clients.
  • Service Item Management
Create, edit, and manage your scheduled services right from your calendar.
  • Location Management
Create, edit, and manage permanent and temporary locations right from your calendar.
  • Advanced Calendar Filtering
Filter your calendar by instructor, location, service, or service item.

Attendance Tracking
Feature Set

Track client attendance in your classes, appointments, or events. Keep track of who has been to each of your classes and by frequency.

Attendance Overview

Track overall sign-ups, check-ins, and cancelations to get insight on which services perform best.

Attendance Client View

Track individual client’s attendance and assign payments.


Add notes before, during, and after any class appointment or event from attendance records.

Unlimited Geolocations Management Feature Set

Conduct your on-site business alongside your online business and manage as many physical locations as you’d like.

Google Maps Integration

With Google Maps integration you can map clients to one-off events, seasonal outdoor services, or manage multiple brick-and-mortar locations in one system and on one calendar.

Private and Public Locations

Keep home gyms private excepted for vetted clients with appointments.

Create private, in-home training locations for clients you go to or send studio trainers out to.

Click for Directions

Clients can easily click on your map marker and open directions through Google Maps.

Instructor Management
Feature Set

Have multiple instructors through one single account.

  • Instructors can conduct on-site or virtual services that are all accessed by the same calendar
  • Track attendance per class, per instructor
  • Filter calendar by instructor
  • Schedule view by instructor
  • Let multiple instructors train one client with universal notes
  • Hide dashboard financials from multiple instructors

Reach More, Earn More, & Train More

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Easy setup
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