gymGO Features

gymGO harnesses technology like never before so fitness professionals can reach more, train more and earn more.

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Live Virtual Training

Help clients train anywhere from your own home or gym. You can stream your sessions to multiple clients at a time and provide a truly unique and live interactive experience.

  • Private – Train up to 6 clients in a virtual session but provide private views for comfort and security (clients can only see the trainer).
  • Public – Train up to 6 clients in a virtual session but the room is open viewing. Great for friends and family who want to train together (clients can see each other and the trainer).
  • gymGO Live Broadcast – Broadcast a single exercise class for up to 50 people one way. Awesome for large group fitness instructors and studios with various class offerings.
  • Schedule, bill and deliver live interactive virtual sessions without ever leaving the platform. No external links or outside video conferencing platforms required.

Scheduling & Location Setting

Guarantee your clients know where to go and you can keep your schedule running smoothly with built-in calendar tools. Set up class registration and have repeating classes or one-time events.

You’ll have your whole schedule right in front of you ready to go.

Client Management & Tracking

Keep track of all your clients and their attendance. Track attendance and engagement over time.

See in-depth analytics on your clients, so you can plan and improve your business.

Sales Management & Billing

Easily manage and bill your clients. You can set up discounts, send invoices, auto-charge customers. Set up packages for clients to buy and view all your past transactions.

Billing your clients should be simple, and you should have all the top quality tools you need to focus on fitness. Reduce the administrative burden and focus on business.

Business Analytics & Reporting

Handle all your company info, see how your business is doing, and plan for the future. Estimate recurring revenue, chart new memberships, and track attendance.

Enjoy the insight needed for calculating your stability and growth.

Marketing Automation & Communications

Amplify your business and save time by using marketing automation to handle customer outreach for you. Set up your messaging and let it run in the background to free up your time and energy.

Automation is essential to force-multiplying your efforts and amplifying your business growth.

Customizable Web App

Take your business to the next level with your very own branded web app. Complete with customizable color feature to match the look and feel of your business. Let your customers know they can access your services anytime anywhere through this personalized web app.