goTIME Live Video Streaming For Fitness Professionals

Learn about gymGO live video streaming service to train your clients online.

Bring Your Fitness Program Online

gymGO will give your fitness program access to the virtual fitness world.

goTIME allows you to host your classes, nutrition appointments and personal training sessions all online via live sessions

3 Modes To Build Your Virtual Studio

Private Mode

Private mode is a real time video stream where the instructor is able to see all clients currently in the session on one screen. Clients will not be able to see each other. As more clients join the session the screen adjusts to fit all the clients in.


In public mode the clients can see one another. Each participants screen will adjusted based on the other participants in the session.


In broadcast mode the trainer will stream a session one-way. The trainer cannot see the clients but the clients can see the trainer. This is suitable for a large class size and is not meant to be interactive.

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