personal trainer marketing software

Sell More Training With Automated & Specialized Marketing

Utilize automated tools to send reminders, target marketing with custom sign-up links, send receipts and notify of changes to your schedule as well as to keep members engaged when their attendance slips.

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Automated & Specialized Marketing Software


Automate Email & Text Campaigns

Send personalized or group email campaigns to keep your clients on track even after the session has ended. Create email or text reminders for upcoming classes, to promote new packages or services, and to share helpful information.

Send Receipts & Customized Reminders

Automate normally tedious tasks like receipt-sending and let the program do your accounting work for you. Setup customized reminders to individuals or groups to minimize no-shows and cancellations and to increase attendance rates and customer engagement.

Deliver Workouts to Client Groups

Use the gymGO platform to send workouts — PDFs, video workouts, or both! — and save yourself time by automating everything.

Engage Clients Through Text, Push, & Email Messaging

Communicate and engage with your clients though all the most popular communication mediums, all within your dashboard.

Create Shareable Calendar Links & Invite Everyone

You can use gymGO for all of your marketing ventures and even share your calendar links on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels.


Reach More, Earn More, & Train More

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Easy setup
  • Cancel anytime