Virtual Personal Training & On-Demand Video Platform

Host live, interactive, virtual training sessions with clients from anywhere to anywhere, at anytime, with the most innovative personal trainer software around, goTIME from gymGO.

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goTIME Virtual Personal Training Platform

goTIME allows you to host your classes, nutrition appointments, and personal training sessions all virtually via live sessions.

Bring your fitness program online with virtual training

Utilize gymGO’s client management system with our virtual studio software to hold interactive training sessions with one, or many, clients at a time.

Live One-to-One or Small Group Private Virtual Training

Conduct real time, live one-to-one or small group fitness appointments through two-way online streaming where the trainer can see and instruct up to 12 clients and the clients can see and follow the trainer but they cannot see or hear each other.

Small Group Public Virtual Training

Conduct real time, live small group fitness appointments or classes through two-way online streaming where the trainer can see and instruct up to 12 clients and the clients can see and train with each other.

Live Group Broadcast Virtual Training

Conduct live, one way broadcast classes where the trainer can instruct up to 100 clients without seeing them but the clients can see and hear the trainer and communicate via in-session instant messaging.

Record Live Virtual Training Sessions

Add value without adding work. Monetize your live virtual classes by recording the instructor’s online stream and distributing it to clients that couldn't attend with just a couple of clicks.

gymGO’s On-Demand Video Platform

Live Virtual Training is Just the Start. Integrate On-demand Video Throughout More Client Interactions.

Create your own library of classes taught by you or your staff and allow your clients to immerse themselves at any time with on-demand video. Create a series of videos for a pre-built package; upload videos to your library for recurring memberships; or record one-off exercises or classes for unique training sessions. Whatever fits your business model, gymGO offers a virtual or video solution.

Offer Zoom Classes Through Your gymGO Calendar

Manage your Zoom classes in one place.  gymGO will create and manage all your Zoom links and class registration, payments and attendance on your behalf.  Never send out another Zoom link again.

Record High Quality Videos In App

Record a 1-minute exercise or a 30-minute class using our in-app webcam recorder into your gymGO media library.


Upload Pre-Recorded Videos

Upload a video you’ve recorded from your goPRO or phone to your gymGO media library.

Share Video Recordings Directly With Clients

Send your video recordings to clients from your gymGO client management platform.

Create Video Packages to Increase Revenue Potential

Selling pre-built packages to new or existing clients? Incorporate video into your packages and allow full-on immersion to complement your PDF, on-site, or virtual training packages.

Create Memberships Utilizing Video to Increase Recurring Revenue

Have a pre-existing video library? Want to build one but never knew how to integrate it with the rest of your services? Now you can sell more recurring personal training memberships and promote exclusive members-only video content alongside your other services.


Reach More, Earn More, & Train More

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Easy setup
  • Cancel anytime